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SK Igniters (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a conglomerate of professional engineers from various fields, having 15+years of working experience in Europe, America, Canada and Asian countries. The company in last few years emerged as leading player in manufacture and supply of gas Ignition electrodes/Igniters, Flame sensors used in Hobs, Ranges, gas stoves, cookers, ovens, heaters, dryers, hot water boilers,and supplying to the leading manufacturers of gas appliances through out the world, with complete In-house manufacturing facilities.

All our engineers are aware of customer requirements, standards, quality concepts and develop products accordingly to meet the customer expectations. We leave no room for human or mechanical errors. Process capability (Cp, Cpk) studies are carried out to stabilize the system continuously. The purpose of this formation is to provide a ONE STOP MANUFACTURING FACILITY with ZERO defect manufacture in India. We are 100% Export Oriented Unit in India and expanding to the Indian Market over the demand from the year 2009.

What we can Offer
We offer wide range of products that suits most applications with turnkey project designs, as required at the customer end, with manufacturing service for integration into the appliances.

We also cater to the services which fall outside the in-house manufacturing area, like product manufacturing engineering, automation, process planning, and supplier sourcing through cost, quality effective analysis and procurement of components.

We are also able to support our customers in supply of various components/assembled products used in Electronic, Semi Conductor Industry, Home & Cooking appliances, and Industrial Boilers and Furnaces etc. We can also cater to plastic and metal stamping components with assembling facility.

We expertise in manufacturing after analyzing the products with various materials, focusing Environmental requirements & also possess the requisite level to analyze the product life & trouble shooting requirements.

How we Operate
We are well equipped to supply our products/custom made products through out the world. We have planned logistic and forwarding facilities with technical support & buffer stocks in various countries. Besides In-house manufacture, we also having tie-up with the leading Ceramic, Plastic molding, Ferrous and Non Ferrous die casting manufacturers etc., to give additional strength to exclusive technology of the components in various fields, besides our In-house manufacturing facilities.