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SK Igniters (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of an enterprising engineer from the most happening city of India – Hyderabad. Mastered the skills of AutoCAD, Pro-E and UG, Solid works and with a strong grasp of quality systems of Six Sigma, ISO, Lean Technology and Kaizen We went on to achieve the distinction of developing few projects for Appliances & Electronic giants initially and expanded further, penetrating against demands from the customers on different products.

SK Igniters have a clear commitment to customers without unduly loading the component price. We provide customers with quality components at affordable prices. Cost reduction is achieved not through providing inferior material which can lead to adverse consequence during the component's life run, but through better designing and process planning by maximum automation to meet effective needs of pricing. Our experts pay exclusive attention in separate fields like Ignition electrodes assembly, metal stamping, ceramic manufacture, plastics, Die castings, with superior testing facilities. Our company believes in providing vital engineering solutions to our clients as part of our comprehensive operations

Our approach is to provide a total turnkey solution starting from specification to product realization, encompassing product design, prototyping, tool design, tool manufacture, trial and safe delivery. Many developments & Prototypes besides main products carried out for our regular customers in spite of cost reduction as a team work with the customers.

Process engineering constitutes the specification, optimization, realization, and adjustment/fine tuning of the process applied to manufacture of bulk products or discrete products. A Team of Engineers are continuously working and analyzing process for the improvements and change over the process to ensure “ZERO QUALITY DEFECT”. The purpose is to ensure consistency maintained throughout the bulk Volumes. Besides the process analysis these engineers implement the automation wherever it is required from the stage of Prototyping.